Tuesday, July 28

Wow, It's been awhile...

6 months have gone and lots have happened...

Where do I start... Well I'm still on sickleave, because of my depression. Life seems to be like a rollercoaster. Sometimes feeling quite allright, then sometimes.... not so good. But I'm gettin' there, I hope.

My Day Center time ended last of May. Been trying to cope on my own since then. I still have therapies, starting at August. Thank godness.

Ihave divorsed, or divorse will be final on 7th of December. It was a right decision for us both, I strongly feel that way, because we made each other suffer... We weren't happy. It was a reallyhard decision to make, but after it felt as a relief. I have moved to my own little place with Vilma. And I think this is a right place for us. At least for next year, who knows where this life takes me in a year.

So I have had a rough time last ½ year, and I have been totally caught with myself and my own problems. So sorry for not been in touch.

I miss you my dear friends around the world. Huge hugs!