Sunday, January 11

Exhausted, sleepy, but satisfied

Oh boy... Going to the day center is like a fulltime job. I really do feel that it's good for me and I like going there but it sure does take the juices off me.

On saturday I was at school, altough at morning I was so beat that I almost kept on sleeping. But I'm tough and got up and went to school. Had a good day at school and it was wonderful to see my awesome classmates again. They give me so my strength. Love ya' =D!

After school day on saturday, which ended 3.30 pm , i was ment to go to a 40th birhtday party, but I was forced to listen to me and I decided not to go. Did take hubby there, went for a little walk with my friend and her dog and came home totally beat.

Spent last night alone at home by the fireplace , in silence and totally exhausted.

Today I have been still very very tired and have been sleeping almost all day. Have to gain some powers for tomorrow and the week to come.

Even though I'm so very sleepy still , I feel good and I think that healing can start , slowly...

Btw. as you've noticed changed the template again, can't decide what is right for me... But I'll keep this for awhile... ;)