Tuesday, January 6

An other not so good day...

Today I feel even worse. The flu is really taken me over and I think I have Sinusitis . I mean maybe, I have an awful headache and mostly on forehead and cheeks...

Today is a Epiphany, here in Finland, so everything is closed. I could go to first aid, but I think I'll wait for tomorrow and figure all this out then.

Tomorrow I also start at the daycentre ( or dayhospital) for depressed people.
I'm a little bit afraid of going there, altough I know It will help me, but as I also know that it will be hard work with myself, it's a bit scary... It's scary to really look at yourself, isn't it? But I hope I will find peace of mind and answers to all problems in my life right now, what ever the answers will be. And the answers I ofcourse have from myself, if I'm brave enough and truly listen to my heart.

Well I'll try to heal myself from this flu or whatever this is and rest for this day.

I'll keep you posted how's it going in the daycentre... =D