Wednesday, December 31

Last day of year 2008

When I look back and think about this year I find that lots has happened again in my life...

My very dear friend got seriously sick, multible heart operations, visits to hospital, trying to be there for her and her family, worries, many tears, sorrow, fear, but also joy and happiness when it was time to talk about her recovery. Lost another dear friend. Lots of changes at work , working in two places, up's and down's of marriage, leaking rooftops, began my higher education studies, hubby's accident at work, my own deep depression and so on. I think these are the biggest things that has happened to me this year.

There has been good times too, but I think that I best describe this year as a rollercoaster, that I fell out off. And now I'm deeply depressed.

Also I remember about this year, the fact that I didn't take care of me properly. All the others came once again ahead of me . As long as everyone else is allright and happy, and forgot that I also need to be taken care of, be loved and need support.

On the other hand, as I got sick it's all coming back to me now. My dear friends are doing their best to taking care of me and supporting me. It has been confusing but also delightful and such a joy. Without my friends, all this would be so much harder.

So I want to thank, from deep in my heart, my friends all around the world of this year! Thank you for being my friend!

I hope that year 2009 will bring all the happiness and joy to all of us!