Monday, December 22

Therapy day

These days are always tough. Today I did get by the therapy quite well. Didn't cry all the time..

Now I feel beat as always after therapy. Altough today I also feel anger and frustration. My theraphist thought that might be a good thing. Well.. we'll see I am planning to clean up the house and make it a bit more christmasy. I wonder if I have the strenght

I got some good news too, just a minute ago. I had a phone call. I have a place in this "dayhospital". I'm not sure what it is in english, but this is a place for depressed people, we go there every week day, from 8am to 3pm. There is every day a therapy session with your own therapist , art therapy and all that kind of stuff. I'm very pleased to get there, because I feel that I can't cope with this once a week 45 mins therapy. I will be going to visit tomorrow. Then there's Christmas/ holidays and I'll get to go there first thing in January.

So I think this was my christmas present =D