Tuesday, December 30

Powerless exhaution vs. joy

Today again I have felt totally powerless. I have been 'comfartable' placing myself to my 'sofacastle'... Wich is what I call our sofa as I have totally made it as my own place...

Or what do you say?

I did wash some laundry today , so that a achievement...Don't you think?

In the evening I went to library with my friend and spent 2 hours there looking for some books for our studies and some just for pleasure.

Here are few that I'm sure are interesting .... 1001 Pearls of Buddhist Wisdom, Wicca- guide and Paolo Coelho's Light Warrior's handbook ( And to make it clear I'm agnostic or maybe even atheist)

It was delightful to see my friend, who always gives me hope and makes me feel good with her positiviness. Also the fact that I love libraries, I could spent hours in a library, there I feel calm, concentrated and peaceful. And I feel joy amongst all those wonderful books.

Altough all off that, my depression, anxiousness and powerless feelings are starting to get to me again, after couple of hours of almost feeling joy and peacefulness.

But baby steps ahead and I can beat this depression, right?